A Bit on Me

I'm a driven UX and Interaction Designer with over 5 years of professional experience, a passion to innovate, and a tenacity to see from the top-down but build from the ground up. I've worked on a variety of collaborative, research-driven design projects covering a wide range of UX and Interaction Design methods, both hardware and software-based. But one creative outlet just isn't enough for me. I also have over 10 years of experience with filmmaking and have channeled that knowledge into delivering user experiences that connect with my audience on an emotional level.

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I Find Inspiration in...

To be perfectly honest, everything! When I'm not sitting behind a computer screen for work, I'm standing behind a computer screen with the latest technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality. These technologies motivate me to discover new perspectives in the interfaces and experiences of any industry. Whether studying interfaces in video games, software applications, business products, films, or anything else, I'm always forward-thinking and want to take advantage of the newest technologies to help make people's lives a little easier.

A User-Driven Life

On a daily basis, I work on complex technical projects with modern languages and technologies. While I enjoy experimenting with new frameworks and libraries, I understand the importance of placing focus on the end goal: delivering a beautiful, functional, and accessible experience to the user.

I see every new experience as an opportunity to learn. My favorite projects are those that require me to push beyond my boundaries and acquire new skills to empathize with my users. I see UX Design as the primary asset of a system that will make or break a relationship with the user.

Film-Fueled Design

Ever since saving up for a camcorder in 5th grade, I've directed, written, filmed, and edited my own short films (the most recent of which have won awards!). I've learned that connecting with your audience doesn't come from any single source, it comes from all dimensions. Whether framing characters in the shot, choosing a color palette, or selecting the background music for a particular scene, all of these design decisions convey a certain message to your intended audience. This same approach drives the UX process, and I've used it over the past 10 years to tap into the emotions of the audience to create the best experience possible (well... save for my questionable acting skills).